Sunday, 25 October 2015

Car Alarms Lincolnshire

Car security is a must have in todays world, due to the massive increase in car crime it makes sense more than ever to have a Car Alarm Lincolnshire installed in to your asset. There are many options to choose from like a simple remote basic car alarm or a full Thatcham approved car alarm giving the best vehicle security known in the UK. If you want that little bit more from your security system why not get a remote start car alarm, meaning on them cold winter mornings you simply press remote start from your vehicles remote and the cars engine will run and the vehicle will still remain protected against theft.

The latest buzz in the car security market is the 2 way remote controls meaning the car will alert your remote if the alarm is sounding meaning you know instantly if your vehicle is being attacked. With many extras which you can simply add on quickly and effectivly it make sense more than ever to get a fully loaded car alarm fitted.

A car alarm decreases your chance of having your vehicle broken into massively and with addiontional OBD port protection you can really take your vehicle security up to the next level over any other car alarm.

Parking Sensors Lincolnshire

If your having trouble reversing or parking your car in spaces, you should think about having parking sensors installed to give you more confidence when parking. Having Parking Sensors Lincolnshire is the best way to make sure your protecting your investment. Parking sensors come in many diffrent shapes and sizes and its a mine field trying to find the right engineer in some cases.

With parking sensors you want to make sure your having a good brand installed and the engineer or company is offering a long warranty period this not only gives you piece of mind but makes sure you will get a good installation and service life.

With most parking sensors coming in black as standard they can be professionally colour coded to match any vehicles paint with no issues at all. This makes the sensors look a part of the vehicle giving you a massively enhanced finish over standard black sensors. Good quality parking sensors start detecting objects from up to 1.5 meters away giving a very good warning of any objects in your reversing path.